Sunday, October 21, 2007

Early Walking Video

I began to get the hang of this walking business in early July 2007. I have the video to prove it, too!

I took my first steps on my own on August 30, 2007 (video coming soon...)

Oregon Trip August 2007

We had a great time with family and friends in Oregon! Here are some pictures from the trip.

Celebrating a tasty bite from cousin Katie with Aunt Laurie.

Hey, knock it off with the pictures, would ya?
Grandma Fluffy is reading me my favorite story, Courdoroy.

I love corn so much I put the cob on my shoulder
and pose for pictures with it!


Awake and buggy-eyed!

Enjoying the sands of Sunset Bay in Coos Bay OR.

I don't know, Dad. At this rate, we could
be raking all day before we make any progress.

Uncle Sam (not government affiliated), Aunt Tammie,
Cousin James, and baby Cousin Elliott.

Elliott publicly supporting Grandma, in his
own preverbal way.

Enjoying a story with Grandma Judy.

And really enjoying post-bath snuggles with Grandma
Judy and Elliott.

Prowling on the beach.

The infamous profile shot.

The famous family shot.

Jack and Oliver at Uncle Scott's.

Good grief! Can I take a bath with Liam in
privacy!?! We're having fun in here!

Jack and Liam having fun together.

Jack the boy meets Jack the dog.

Walking at Commonwealth Park with Mom
and Grandma Susan.

Lounging with Uncle Justin in the
wee hours of the morning.

Thanks for treating us to dinner Rob
and Liz! And hurry up and get married!
No pressure! Rob, you can be irritated with Andy for this

Sunday, July 1, 2007

My First Birthday

On June 28th, I turned one year old! While I'm still learning about the concepts birthday and party, I loved my first birthday party! Mommy made a huge meal of pinwheel sandwiches, watermelon (my favorite), funfetti birthday cake, and bought chips, pop, and party favors. We scored picnic tables right across from the playground for easy access. The weather was clear and sunny. Then all of these grownups and kids showed up. They all played with me and some kept telling me, "You're the man!" I loved all of that. Then they started singing this song about happy birthdays. When they started clapping, I realized it was for me, and that made me really happy. My parents, grandmas, grandpa, aunts and uncles were so nice and bought me really neat toys, clothes, and books. I think I'm beginning to figure out this birthday thing. Now I can't wait for next year's birthday!

Goo-goo eyes, birthday hat, and water bottle: a winning trio.


Oh man, I love it. This good... good it hurts! Yummy!

June Developments

First, I learned how to play the maraccos. Then, I performed on an improvised stage. It was a resounding success!

Yeah, Freud would have a thing or two to say about my hairstyle. I know, believe me, I know. Just look at my face. I'm stunned, too. Insights will do that to you...

Me? Cute? Never!

After donning a Fu Manchu style moustache through strategic placement of a soggy basil leaf, I tried my first popsicle. Very good!

*knock knock* Um, hello? Are you still with me?

Like I was saying, I'm also thinking of auditioning for the part of Simba in the Lion King. My acting roles have to match my dynamic hairstyle.

I'm discovering how much fun lies beyond the swingset at the playground, and love watching my bell-rattle tumble down the yellow twisty slide. Right now I'm just cruising.

The intergenerational story of "Banananose" was rewritten in a more humorous light this month. Apparently, my tenuously sane Dad had a fear of Banananose when he was my age. Grandpa Farmy exposed his sadistic tendencies by holding an unpeeled banana up to his nose and announcing, "It's Banananose," followed by Dad crying. I don't know why Dad was afraid of Banananose, I like having banana on my nose. Wait, maybe this narrative hasn't been rewritten in a more humorous light, but just a cuter, benign light...

Okay. I'm shooting 90% from the field and 85 from beyond the arc. I can dribble like nobody's business. Now, if I can just get this height and walking business ironed out, I'll have my basketball career made...

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Even more May Pictures

I'm crawling better and faster than ever.

Here I come!



Here I am!

Youngest. Forensic psychologist. Ever.

Dad and Jack playing extreme closeup on the futon.

On May 12th I had my first bath and loved it!

Full and happy.

Oh, but wait, what's this here?

"Mommy, I want what you're having."

Dip me upside down again!

Jack and Mommy.

We had fun at the Festival of Cultures...

Memorial Day Weekend, Bath#2:
After a well-timed you-know-what
when Mommy put my swim trunks on,
I was able to force the parents into
letting me skinny dip for the first time.

I'm loving this watermelon, and I'm making
sure you notice.

After all that fun, I'm pooped!
We can't wait to see you tomorrow, Jack!